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Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management. Finance aims to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return. Finance can be broken into three different sub-categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.

A financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities, commodities, and other fungible items of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect supply and demand. Securities include stocks and bonds, and commodities include precious metals or agricultural products.

Forex market

US Dollar Close Change Return
USD/EUR 0.9373 trending_down -0.0019 -0.2020%
USD/GBP 0.7857 trending_down -0.0068 -0.8552%
USD/INR 68.0150 trending_down -0.2473 -0.3623%
USD/AUD 1.3408 trending_down -0.0071 -0.5303%
USD/CAD 1.3291 trending_down -0.0009 -0.0642%
USD/ZAR 13.8053 trending_down -0.3022 -2.1421%
USD/NZD 1.4008 trending_down -0.0097 -0.6911%
USD/JPY 113.5250 trending_down -0.3772 -0.3311%

Stock market

Date Ticker Name Close Change Return
2016-12-02 NASDAQ:GOOGL Alphabet Class A 764.46 trending_up 0.1300 0.0170%
2016-12-02 NASDAQ:AAPL Apple Inc 109.90 trending_up 0.4100 0.3745%
2016-12-02 NASDAQ:MSFT Microsoft Corp 59.25 trending_up 0.0500 0.0845%
2016-12-02 NASDAQ:FB Facebook Inc 115.40 trending_up 0.3000 0.2606%
2016-12-02 NASDAQ:AMZN Amazon.Com Inc 740.34 trending_down -3.3100 -0.4451%