HKD exchange rates

HKD Hong Kong Dollar Last
USD HKD/USD 0.1290
EUR HKD/EUR 0.1155
GBP HKD/GBP 0.0837
INR HKD/INR 8.5357
AUD HKD/AUD 0.1802
CAD HKD/CAD 0.1705
ZAR HKD/ZAR 1.7171
NZD HKD/NZD 0.1997
JPY HKD/JPY 15.6926

HKD news

Far East gold premiums drop, Indian imports set to soar again

The premium for gold in India was effectively unchanged this week against the backdrop of a weaker rupee, although inventories are set to increase – there is speculation that imports will exceed...

Defensive Buying Opportunities from the Falling Dollar

Investors everywhere who have remained steadfast in the face of market turmoil have been subjected to the wildest of wild rides, with new multi-year highs bouncing down to multi-year lows. The...

Expect more ups and downs on global markets

Anyone taking the briefest glance at a newspaper in the past couple of weeks would have noticed doomsday headlines blaring out. Financial markets appear to be on the verge of a meltdown although...

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